Top 10 tips for prison minecraft

Heya folks, i’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft Prison servers and it seemed to fill the niche of mmorpgs for me. Now let’s move on to the tips :

  1. Create your own plot. The easiest way to make money off your plot is to create a shop on it and sell whatever you mine up with a bit of a markup.
  2. Check out other people’s plots. There are plenty of times people are going to be selling stuff for far below its price, whether they’re trying to make a quick buck to buy the next rank or simply trying to move some stuff, their laziness can be your gain.
  3. Ranking up. You might not want to rank up immediately after you have the money for it, but I’m here telling you to do it anyway. Even if you’re going to be mining the same stuff just in the next warp, there is gonna be a lot less of people and therefore stuff there, so you can make more money selling the same things.
  4. Sell everything you don’t immediately need. You can sell all the armor, the weapons and everything else you don’t need.
  5. Use the action house. If your server has an auction house, use it. There’s usually not as much profit to be made there, but you can find things a lot faster, even if you have to pay a bit of a premium to buy them.
  6. Don’t use the crowded warps. While i said that you should always rank up, i still advise you to farm the highest warp that’s not overcrowded.
  7. PvP for the best loot. Killing other players is obviously one of the easiest ways to get ahead, however you will lose everything if you die. That’s why it’s good to pair up and gank some fools.
  8. Use the kit(s) you have. You usually get the kit by starting out or by ranking up. They should contain everything you need to get ahead, so use them to do it.
  9. Enchanting. You can get some of the best items by simply enchanting your gear. However this is dependent on your luck, so if you dont feel particularly lucky, ignore this.
  10. Beware the scammers. Don’t trust anyone, there are plenty of people who will suggest you gang up on someone only to turn on you when you’re done bringing your target down. There’s also plenty of people who will try to scam you by trading, so beware of that too.

These are my tips for starting out your runs on Minecraft prison servers.

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