Chaos Rising [PVP] {Factions} {Economy} {Chest Shops}


Chaos Rising [PVP] {Factions} {Economy} {Chest Shops}

Welcome to Chaos Rising! – Anything Goes! We are a new server looking for players! PVP, Factions, Economy, Chest Shops, Admin Shops, Player Owned Stores and much more!

What makes us different than a normal faction server? With a smaller population, this allows players to really build up and not worry about getting raided by a large 10+ faction. Along with faction play, our economy system is unlike any other. Rather than having admin shops where you can buy every single item, our economy is player based. Any player can purchase a store in the spawn and then select a specific category of item to sell. Once set, no other player may choose that category of item to sell so that way no one can undermine anyone else. This drives prices down and keeps economy an important aspect of the server.

Server Rules: NO RACISM, NO BASE CAMPING, NO CHEATS/HACKS, BE MATURE – other than that, anything goes!

The server runs anti-cheat plugins to monitor hacking of any kind.

Chest Shops – Any player can sell items – a tutorial with specific instructions is posted in spawn to explain chest shops.

Admin Shop – There is a small admin shop where basic blocks such as sand, dirt, cobblestone, etc. may be sold to make money.

Minigames – Minigames and special events such as a jumping maze challenge or arena battle happen from time to time. Prizes will be awarded by admin.

Join our server today! Friendly Admins willing to Help! We will see you on the battlefield!