Forestry for Minecraft


Forestry for Minecraft

Forestry for Minecraft is a mod which automates your tree farming. the mod works in conjunction with BuildCraft in order to use the mod to its full potential.

Here is a quick overview of the mod:

• Mechanics – To automate your tree farms, a logger and an arboretum are required.
• Arboretum – A machine which plants the trees and checks the soil of the farms. Saplings and humus are required to keep it functioning.
• Logger – Used for chopping trees and collecting saplings.
• Humus – Nutrient rich resource required by the arboretum to maintain the quality of the soil.
• Apatite – This ore is two times rare as iron and can be used to cultivate 64 dirt blocks.
• Forester – If your chests have too many skeletal remains, convert bones with two parts of fertilizers into a catalyst which can be fed into the forester to instantly grow your forest.
• Biogas Engine – You can use water (low efficiency without the need of fermentation), liquid biomass (best efficient fuel) and milk (lower efficiency and requires fermentation but higher production duration)
• Wrench – Can be used to orient the biogas engine towards the main machine which is required to be powered.

The mod has different types of raw material for power sources and farming, for example liquid biomass, still, fermenter, apatite, humus etc. which are used in their appropriate machines.

These are the aims of the mod:

1. Adding fuel sources for IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft
2. Automating farms for rubber trees, wheat and other farm products
3. automating tree farms

In case your arboretum has collected sand which exceeds its limit to hold it, it will start discarding the resource as new ones are collected. you can use standard BuildCraft Pipes to collect the extra sand by giving it an outlet to a chest.

The following Ore resources have been introduced in the game by the mod:

1. Copper Ore
2. Tin Ore
3. Apatite Ore

Installing Forestry for Minecraft 1.2.5:

1. Locate your minecraft.jar file by typing “%appdata%” without quotes in the run dialog box. Navigate to .minecraft/bin/
2. Remove the META-INF folder
3. Open minecraft.jar with a suitable compressed file handler and copy the contents of ModLoader, ModLoaderMP and Forge into the minecraft.jar file.
4. Add the forestry-client-A*.jar to your .minecraft/mods folder.
5. Test your installation by logging in your Minecraft client and then checking the Modloader.txt file in the .minecraft/ directory. If you can see any text suggesting your mod_forestry is loaded, consider your mod has been installed successfully.

Download Forestry  for Minecraft 1.2.5 , BuildCraft 3.1.5+
Requires Minecraft Forge 3.0.0+
Supports BuildCraft 3.1.5+, IC2 1.95b+, RP2 pre5b2+. This does not work with BuildCraft 2.x!