JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.4


JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.4

The JohnSmith Texture Pack wins the award for the blandest texture pack name ever. Even with that minor quirk, this texture pack is one of the most downloaded packs out there.

The JohnSmith texture pack runs at a 32×32 resolution, which is double that of vanilla Minecraft's, yet still low enough that it can run on most computers. This balance is probably one of the reasons for its popularity. It also helps that the creator used clean, simple artwork that doesn't deviate too far from vanilla Minecraft's look and feel, yet is unique enough to provide a fresh experience. In that, it's a resounding success.

Creatively, this texture pack isn't anything special. It just builds off Minecraft's existing designs and sharpens it, with minor visual tweaks along the way. If you're looking for something really off the wall, you should probably go for Glimmar'sSteampunk or Zekocraft. But if you're fine with a purely vanilla experience, then JohnSmith is an excellent choice.

1. Download and InstallMCPatcher HD
2. Download JohnSmith Texture Pack
3. Open the Start menu and click “Run”
4. Type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
5. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/”. Go inside and find a /texturepacks/ folder
6. Copy and paste texture pack .zip file into texturepacks folder
7. Launch Minecraft
8. Change your Texture Pack