Minecraft 1.14 sounds?


Minecraft 1.14 sounds?

Each time you place a block a sound plays, each time a block breaks a sound plays. I would like to find and edit these sounds in my resource pack.

I was able to find that a few blocks have their sounds in their folder ex. gravel/dig1.ogg and there's 4 “dig” sounds. Not all blocks have their own sounds as I'm guessing most other blocks use the stone's sound or the sand's.

Anyway while messing around with these four “dig” sounds I came to the conclusion that it randomly chooses and plays one of the dig sounds every time I place the block (and I might be remembering wrong now, but I also think it played one of the four sounds when it broke)

I want to have a sound to play when the block is placed and a different sound to play when it's broken. Is this possible? Because it seems to me like it just randomly uses one of the four sounds.