R3Dcraft Texture Pack


R3Dcraft Texture Pack

R3Dcraft is a simple texture pack that basically improves the look of Minecraft's original textures. All of the original block designs are still here, but in way more detail and at a higher contrast. R3Dcraft is available in many resolutions, from 64x all the way up to 512x. The best looking block in the game by far is the bookshelf, which is rendered in high quality so that each individual book has clear, unbroken lines.

The texture pack creator put a few very nice touches, like grass waving in the wind and realistic 3D shadow rendering. This means that the shadow accurately angles away from the light source. It can even help your chances for survival underground, letting you see shadows of mobs trying to sneak up on you.

There are a few gripes, though. As detailed as the textures are, a lot of them are static. I never really noticed how ore sparkles and lava shifts colors until I saw them missing in this texture pack. Fire is likewise a disappointment. The creator gave them the same animation as grass, which makes the flames look like something out of Parappa the Rapper (not a good thing btw).

If you're willing to overlook a few minor issues, however, then R3Dcraft is certainly a good way to brighten up your Minecraft world while still staying true to the game's original look and feel. The shadows are a definite plus, and so are the range of different resolutions available.


1. Download and InstallMCPatcher HD
2. Download R3DCraft Texture Pack
3. Open the Start menu and click “Run”
4. Type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
5. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/”. Go inside and find a /texturepacks/ folder
6. Copy and paste R3Dcraft texture pack .zip file into texturepacks folder
7. Launch Minecraft
8. Change your Texture Pack